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  • Services

    Nolan Construction Company?has extensive experience in all types of commercial and residential construction related services.?NCC?is involved in all phases of construction from design through ground breaking and construction to owner turnover.?NCC?has completed projects ranging from estate homes to multi-story threshold commercial and condominium buildings.?Nolan Construction Company?deals with the day-to-day construction requirements by providing knowledgeable construction professionals to oversee any size or type of construction project. Whatever level of involvement?NCC’s?clients require?NCC?strives to exceed their expectations while?Navigating from?Commencement through?Completion.

    As each project develops?Nolan Construction Company?is actively involved with the owners, designers, subcontractors and vendors in all phases of the project to ensure it is completed with the highest standards and quality providing?NCC’s?clients with a finished product of exceptional value.

    Some of the valuable services?Nolan Construction Company?routinely provides its clients are:

    Pre-Construction: – Constructability Review – Design Input – Budgets/Estimates – Value Engineering – Pre-Construction Scheduling – Subcontractor Pre-Qualifications

    Construction: – Quality Control Management – Full-Time Supervision – Document Controls – Cost Control/Accounting – Safety Controls – Expediting and Scheduling – Subcontractor Interface

    Post-Construction: – Warranty Maintenance – One Year Follow-Up Walkthroughs

    Project Owners need to know their project is being properly completed within the budget and time frames required while Design Professionals need to qualify and quantify contractor proposals, paperwork and progress.? All too often, the ability to keep these big picture concepts in focus gets lost in the numerous details of a project. Nolan Construction Company offers the services which allow you to stay out of the daily details and focus on your core business responsibilities. NCC has the management team to oversee the details of your project giving you peace of mind your interests are being diligently looked after.

    NCC’s team has decades of successful project management experience covering a wide spectrum of technical applications and unique project details which will bring added value your project’s management team.?NCC has performed oversight and management of general contractors and multi-prime contractor projects in intervals spanning from daily oversight, coordination, direction and management to periodic assessments.? Our client’s needs are driven by the complexity of their project, the level of involvement they want or can have and the level of management involvement they require; Nolan Construction Company will tailor a plan to meet those needs, keep you informed and meet your project goals.

    Nolan Construction Company provides a full range of construction, remodeling and maintenance services for commercial, retail, medical and condominium building owners and property managers.? As a property manager it is imperative to have reliable construction specialists who can autonomously complete your construction projects within the established parameters to allow your management team to focus on the day-to-day operations of the property.

    Nolan Construction Company has extensive experience working with property managers and their teams to ensure their projects go smoothly with as little disruption as possible to the building owners and/or tenants.? From workers checking in, to daily reports and regularly scheduled client meetings NCC uses systems and administrative tools to work seamlessly within your team’s structure.??

    Whether your project is a quick repair, small alteration, commercial interior buildout, retail establishment, medical offices, common area condominium work or a large scale addition Nolan Construction Company has spent years building experience and a network of trusted relationship with subcontractors and vendors to facilitate the successful completion of your project.

    NCC is dedicated to providing a more personalized, customer-service-based philosophy to select clients in South Florida.? For more information on how Nolan Construction Company can create the synergy to help successfully complete your project please contact us today.